Greg White, father and grandfather, is a retired Irish psychotherapist with a background in civil and human rights in the mental health field, practicing in the Jungian-oriented tradition for the last fifteen years. He continues to give public talks workshops and seminars nationwide on a wide range of subjects, including a Certificate Course Incorporating:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Bodywork
  • Breath-work
  • Jungian Dream Interpretation, and Active Imagination.
  • The Importance of your Ruling Archetype.
  • Personality Typology (Myers Briggs)
  • Hearing voices and bi-polar consciousness.
  • The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing.
  • Advocacy in Mental Health. Mental health post psychiatry.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Depth Psychology and projection in the context of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
  • The Importance of Myth.
  • The Psychology of Meditation.
  • Existential psychology. Groupthink.

Warm Heart – Cool Head (May 2014, Cork)

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” Thic Nhat Hahn.

An introduction course of guided mindfulness meditation, for beginners; together with fear, anger and stress management techniques, using integrative biofeedback, breath and dream work.

The course is particularly suitable for those interested in self-sustainable good health and living more in the present moment.

The course facilitator is Greg White, well known West Cork retired Jungian psychotherapist. Whilst himself developing a more personal, meditative pragmatic approach to health through several serious illnesses, he has also been attending and facilitating guided meditation practice for several years.

Venue: Helena Farrell Consultancy, Nuns Road, Blackrock.

Date: Saturday 10th May 2014 commencing 10am – 4.30pm.

Cost. €110.

Would be participants are advised to book early as course number is limited.

Further info contact Helena 0861739287 or Greg – 0868070224


Certificate Course Syllabus (Dates to be Confirmed)

Alchemical Overview
Download Alchemical Overview PDF


A light-hearted, multi-dimensional exploration of the extraordinary human potential for a deeper compassionate inter-being, a challenging consciousness derived from a synthesis of Western Depth and Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Spirituality and Wisdom.


The forthcoming Certificate Course  is held over 5 weekends from September – December 2013,
On Saturdays & Sundays from 10am to 4pm at The Heritage Centre, Mardyke House, Mardyke Cork.(Adj UCC Ent.)
The fee is €600 and to secure a place a refundable deposit of €250 is requested. Concessionary fees are available.
Course Director is Greg White.
Names of lecturers and workshop presenters will be announced nearer the commencement of the course.

Weekend One

Day 1:
Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
Lectures & Discussion.
The Gift of Socrates- Plato’s Cave.
The Missing Link?
Pranayama – Your Complete Breath Demo & Part. Practice..
The Bohr Effect- Buteyko Intervention
The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System.
Meditation Practice.

Day 2:
Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
Talk & Discussion.
Standing Over & Outing my Counter-Cultural Disposition.
Addiction to Clock Living, Groupthink.
Unwinding my Fight and Flight disposition.
Stress Management/Ego-Separation Anxiety.
Living in the Present Moment.
Meditation Practice

Weekend Two

Day 3:
Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
Talk & Discussion
Identifying one’s Personality Type/Archetype.
Projection -The Shadow – Animus-Anima
The Interpretation of Dreams.
Ordinary Consciousness and The Natural Mind.
The Tao -Oracular Insight. (a) The Gnostic Gospel (b) The I Ching
Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Day 4:
Meditation Practice.
Personality Type/Archetype ID Sharing
Interpretation of Dreams Sharing
Alchemy Chakras and Individuation
Symbols of Transformation
The Importance of Myth.
Meditation Practice

Weekend Three

Day 5:
Mindfulness Meditation
Religion & Spirituality Guilt and Shame
Addiction to Permanence
Samsara – ‘Fundamental Groundlessness’
The Bubble Hook & Exit Strategy
The Gnostic Gospel
Mindfulness Meditation

Day 6:
Mindfulness Meditation
Care of The Soul
Re-incarnation & Karma
Breath- Emotional intelligence-Post Natal Biography
Existential Psychology & Spirituality
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Meditation Practice

Weekend Four

Day 7:
Mindfulness Meditation
The Contemporary Medical Deficit
Breakdown/Psychosis/ Destructive Maladjustment/ Creative Maladjustment
Vision for Change
Consensual Reality and the ‘Myth’ of Mental Illness
Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
Mindfulness Meditation

Day 8:
Mindfulness Meditation Practice
Advocacy in MH
Anger & Paranoia
Meaning Making
Recovery & Discovery.
Making a Psychiatric Will.
Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Meds.
Mad Pride – Mindfreedom Ireland.
Meditation Practice

Weekend Five

Day 9:
Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
Pranayama Breathwork- Group Biofeedback
Locating The Inner Doctor/Child
Reflections & Sharing
Mindfulness Meditation

Day 10:
Mindfulness Meditation
Group Dreams & Vision Sharing
Memories Reflections
Pranayama Review
Course Review
Special Certificate Award
Presentation of Certificates
Meditation Practice

Course Ends